Paul Veto is a sculptor and furniture designer based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Veto discovered his passion for creating and building at a very young age and has always been captivated with the idea of being able to imagine something and then bringing it into existence.

Paul went on to study Industrial Design at Appalachian State University, where he found his true passion for designing and building furniture. After college Veto did an apprenticeship with fine furniture maker Chris Horney in Greensboro, North Carolina. Studying with Horney helped Veto to build a firm foundation in the nuances of woodworking.

In 2010 Veto began working alongside artist Rick Lazes, helping to design and build a series of steam-bent wood sculptures. Since that time, Veto has continued to work and collaborate with Lazes on sculpture and artwork in a variety of mediums, and also design and build one of a kind pieces of furniture that blur the line between art and furniture.